Dropping Objects

Dropping Objects (9).JPG

Impish Veronika has discovered the joy of dropping objects and making mama pick them back up again; this is actually an important skill, both for her motor skills and for object permanence (and for sense of humor!). Whether from the highchair…

Dropping Objects (11)

or from the grocery cart…

Dropping Game (14)

…she is a little imp about it these days.

Dropping Game (13)

You can use baby’s enjoyment of this game to your advantage with at-home dropping games!

First, I sat with Veronika in front of a bin of toys that needed cleaning up and showed her how to drop one in.

Dropping Objects (6)

Say a cheerful “oopsie!” or “dropsie!” with each toy that lands, to up the entertainment factor.

Dropping Objects (7)

Pretty soon she was cleaning up all her toys without knowing it.

Dropping Objects (8)

You can also do this game with socks in front of a low dresser drawer.

Dropping Objects (2)

Okay, Veronika isn’t really helping me put away the laundry, but she loved watching me drop in the socks, or trying it herself.

Dropping Objects (3)

The drawer wasn’t the right height for her to play by herself, so I set her up with an open box to continue the fun.

Dropping Objects (10)

Perhaps if you play this enough, your little one will tire of it and you can end round after round of highchair dropsie.

Dropping Objects (12)

Or maybe not!


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