Pick Which Bowl

Pick Which Bowl (4).JPG

Here’s a little challenge for your baby if you want to keep him or her entertained the next time they sit in a highchair.

I let Veronika see a few pieces of banana (cut into safe pieces) and placed them on her tray.

Pick Which Bowl (1)

Note: Any other soft fruit would work just as well here, like soft ripe peaches or apricots. Cover the fruit pieces with one bowl and place a second bowl next to it. Ideally, I would have liked my bowls to match but certainly Veronika didn’t seem to mind the mismatch.

Encourage your baby to find the fruit and pick up the bowl it’s hiding under.

Pick Which Bowl (3)

If the fruit was underneath, I made a big show of it and celebrated with a hearty cheer.

Pick Which Bowl (2)

Arguably Veronika was more interested in the bowls themselves than in the fruit she discovered, but it still made for a fun little game as I prepped dinner. It certainly kept her hands busy!

Pick Which Bowl (5)

If your child seems excited about it, play with three bowls to make it more challenging.



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