Play Dough Sensory Bag

Playdough Bag (2).JPG

I’ve been on a recent kick of making sensory bags for Veronika, a great way to enable my little imp to play with messy materials that might otherwise end up in her mouth. Safely inside a plastic bag, even the messiest items are a go!

Normally for a ten-month-old I’d whip up homemade play dough for added security, but since it was going in the bag, I used the store-bought kind.

I added a few craft beads in fun flower shapes that she would be able to squish into the play dough. Now it was simply a matter of sealing and watching her squish away!

Playdough Bag (1)

Veronika loved grabbing at the bag.

Playdough Bag (5)

I showed her how to squish the hard beads into the soft dough, talking about texture as we played. The contrast seemed to really interest her.

Playdough Bag (4)

I felt comfortable leaving this one around for her to play with since there was no liquid to spill, even in case of a slight tear.

Playdough Bag (3)

A fantastic way to keep her busy, in sum!


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