Memory Game

Memory Game (3).JPG

Object permanence is probably well-established now for your baby at ten-months old, but this game will help strengthen the concept that an object exists even once hidden. And your little one will love finding it!

I decided to use two foam blocks for the game, because I wanted objects that were different in some ways, but similar enough not to confuse Veronika. One block was a blue square and the other was a yellow triangle. Working with one at a time, I described the block to her: colors, shapes, texture. Let your baby feel (or mouth on!) the toy if they are interested.

Memory Game (2)

Then I hid the block behind my back. She was instantly curious where it had gone, and trotted around to find it.

Memory Game (4)

We repeated with the yellow triangle. Again, your baby won’t be acing quizzes after games like this, but it’s great way to introduce vocabulary about shapes colors and the element of hiding will keep your little one excited.

Memory Game (1)


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