When You Do This, I Do That

You Do This, I Do (5)

Here’s a silly cause-and-effect game to play with your baby, one that had Veronika in fits of laughter.

First, I touched my nose, and then encouraged Veronika to reach out and do the same.

You Do This, I Do (4)

Whenever she beeped my nose, I stuck my tongue out. After a few repeats, she got the idea that her action “caused” my tongue to pop out. Add silly sound effects and your baby will love it!

You Do This, I Do (2)

Another fun one is to puff your cheeks up with air. I encouraged her to “unpop” my cheeks. When her hand brushed my cheek, I acted like the force made all the air come out.

You Do This, I Do (3)

Again, big giggles.

You Do This, I Do (1)

These kinds of cause-and-effect games are great for teaching your baby about the concept, plus reap lots of laughter as the reward.

You Do This, I Do (7)


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