Socialize Online

Socialize Online (3)

Whether there’s a big event that far-away relatives can’t make it to, or whether you just a weekly standing date for face-to-face time online, I was reminded today how powerful it can be for children to socialize online with family they don’t often see.

Today’s post is simple: don’t forget the value of screen time when it comes to keeping in touch. I sat Veronika on my lap and dialed relatives who couldn’t make it to an event. They got to admire her party dress, and catch up!

Socialize Online (2)

If you make this a weekly habit, even family who live far away can be regular figures in your baby’s life. And big siblings benefit, too!

Socialize Online (1)

Do you and your baby Skype or Facetime with a relative? Please share in the comments!


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