Ring of Love

Ring of Love (3)

Today was a very different Easter for us, as I’m sure it was for many during Covid-19, just our family of 4 around a small table in the living room. To make it feel special for both siblings, I called everyone over before ourmeal began. We held hands and began to walk in a circle around our coffee table.

Immediately, this delighted Veronika! She no doubt loved taking us all for a “walk”, and the sight of our hands joined together. Travis felt the special nature of the moment, too, and stopped to give her a kiss.

Ring of Love (2)

As we walked around, we each shared a hope for the family: that we are happy, that we are healthy, and so forth. It was a beautiful moment, so much so I might make this a tradition!

Ring of Love (1)

You can even just have siblings join hands and spin each other around and around. Make it more of a game by having them change the way they move (walking, running, hopping), or switching directions. Either way, this one is sure to make everyone in the family feel the love.

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