Bunny Ears Craft for Easter

Bunny Ears Craft (6)

If your baby or toddler will tolerate wearing these little bunny ears, it’s pretty much the cutest way to get a young child into the Easter spirit, long before they know who the Easter Bunny is!

To involve Veronika in the craft, I sat her down with construction paper and chalk to decorate the headband portion. Drawing on paper with chalk was novel!

Bunny Ears Craft (1)

Meanwhile, I traced two bunny ear shapes on a separate piece of construction paper, and glued down cotton balls. Stretch the cotton out slightly for a softer look.

Bunny Ears Craft (3)

Older toddlers may want to help with this step, too!

Bunny Ears Craft (2)

Cut your child’s chalk drawing in half to make two strips, then measure around your child’s head and secure to the right circumference with double-sided tape or a stapler. I originally hoped to avoid staples, but they were definitely more durable than the double-sided tape, which gave out pretty quickly.

Bunny Ears Craft (5)

Attach the bunny ears to the sides with additional staples. Next time I would make smaller ears, so they weren’t so heavy and floppy. But my little bunny loved it!

Bunny Ears Craft (8)

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