Chicken Littles

Chicken Littles (5)

Here’s an adorable craft for your Easter table, even if your gathering is smaller than usual this year due to social distancing. Kids can get involved with several steps, including painting, cutting out shapes for the face, or helping arrange the flowers.

To start, paint empty baby food jars with several coats of yellow acrylic paint. Let dry completely.

Chicken Littles (1)

Cut out triangles for beaks and wedges for feet, whether from felt or construction paper. I would have preferred felt, but paper worked in a pinch!

Chicken Littles (2)

Use a black sharpie to add eyes.

Chicken Littles (3)

Now your chicks just need feathers in their caps, care of little white flowers, of course! These turned out so cute.Chicken Littles (4)

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