Kindergarten Home School Week 4: Friday

Home School 20 a

TGIF! Travis started the day strong, ended it not so strong, but heck now it’s the weekend!

9-10: ELA. After watching a read-through of the artsy picture book When Pigasso Met Mootisse, we discussed what the problem was in the story, and then the solution. Travis really enjoyed drawing it out! We were on such a roll that he did a letter page in his workbook and a few minutes of Lexia. Baby sister was busy with craft sticks, meanwhile!

Home School 20 b

10-10.30: Math. This subject got us moving today! After writing the numbers 10 through 19, we talked about how all teens are made up of 10 + X more.

Home School 20 c

Reinforce the idea with exercise. We put the numbers in a hat and had to do 10 jumps + X other exercises depending on what number we selected. Travis loved making me do side planks and jumping jacks, and found it especially funny if I drew the number 19.

Home School 20 d

10.30-11: Snack/free play (windy and rainy again, darn).

11-11.30: Social Studies. I tried to sneak in the day’s video on different types of homes, which was wildly unsuccessful. He threw a fit when I asked him to draw our neighborhood.

Home School 20 f

Good thing we had a…

11.30-12: Zoom session with his class! Technology has proved so helpful in keeping classmates connected. They all sang their morning circle time songs together.

12-1 – Lunch/free play. Because he couldn’t get outside, I challenged Travis to build a Lego house. Challenge accepted!

Home School 20 e

1-1.30: Art. I tried get Travis to sit for the day’s special, with the assignment to draw what he saw outside his window. Another temper tantrum. I got him happy going off-book and making goblets instead. Then we called it a day!

Little sister had an online music class at 2, and it felt nice to devote the time to her. We all really need some fresh air and we’re looking forward to a sunny weekend. How did your week of home school turn out? Please share in the comments!

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