Fine Motor Activity: Craft Sticks + Plastic Bottle

Fine Motor Bottle (4)

I recently used up a bottle of non-dairy creamer with a lid that easily opens and closes, revealing a small opening inside. I knew this lid was going to be perfect for Veronika as soon as the bottle was empty, and boy was it ever!

Fine Motor Bottle (5)

Rinse out any similar bottle and let dry completely, then give to your toddler along with colored craft sticks. Veronika immediately began transferring sticks into the bottle. She experimented with dropping in one at a time…

Fine Motor Bottle (3)

…or seeing if she could fit in a whole handful!

Fine Motor Bottle (8)

Of course dumping it out was great fun.

Fine Motor Bottle (6)

As was shaking it for a maraca-like sound when it was filled.

Fine Motor Bottle (9)

This easily became a color lesson, too. I sorted the sticks into piles for her as she busily filled the bottle. “Purple!” she tends to say when she sees any color right now, so I emphasized the names of some of the others.

Fine Motor Bottle (7)

Even better than that hands-on moment with her, though, was the fact that she could return to this game all morning. She’d pop in a few sticks, dump out a few more, then be on her way, only to return again a little while later.

Fine Motor Bottle (10)

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