Butterfly Bagels

Butterfly Bagel (1)

Here’s the perfect way to bring a smile to kids’ faces on a spring morning!

To prepare these fluttery butterflies, slice two bagels in half and toast. Cut each half in half again, then arrange so the halves are backwards to each other, creating a butterfly wing shape.

Meanwhile, mix together 1/4 cup non-dairy cream cheese, 1 to 2 drops red food coloring, and 1 tablespoon maple syrup in a small bowl. Spread evenly over the bagels. Put two pretzel sticks on top as antennae and cover with your favorite fruit. Don’t forget about symmetry! We liked using an apple slice down the center and banana slices on the wings.

Butterfly Bagel (2)

For a snack version, you could make a similar butterfly with cut apple slices. Use peanut butter as the “glue” to hold down any fruit toppings, or even sprinkles!


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