Symmetry Butterflies

Symmetry Butterfly (9).JPG

In a day with wind chills in the teens, we needed a little reminder that spring always comes after winter! Butterflies always seem to fit the bill, so I set up this butterfly craft in the morning for Travis.

It’s yet another great way to emphasize symmetry found in nature for little kids, a tiny science lesson thrown in with the art.

First, I traced a butterfly wing on paper that was folded in half, and cut out. Open up and you’ll have symmetrical wings.

Symmetry Butterfly (1)

I tried to persuade Travis to paint only on one side of the wings, which he did at first…

Symmetry Butterfly (3)

…but once he knew that was my request, he became impish and painted on both sides. (Don’t worry, the final design will still work; the result just won’t seem as “magical”).

Symmetry Butterfly (5)

Once your child has finished painting, fold the wings in half and rub firmly to make sure the paint transfers over.

Symmetry Butterfly (6)

Open up for a symmetrical surprise!

Symmetry Butterfly (7)

I painted one a bit more cleanly for him,  so he could learn from the example.

Symmetry Butterfly (4)

After the paint dried, we added butterfly bodies (cut from additional construction paper) and drew on faces. Travis has just begun drawing noses and mouths, so I loved watching him do this part.

Symmetry Butterfly (8)

Even if the butterflies look a little grumpy!

Symmetry Butterfly (10)

We were out of googly eyes, but sparkly stick-ons worked for eyes in a pinch. Hang your butterflies in the window, and enjoy watching them soar!

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