Making a Rocket

Rocket (9).JPG

An extra mailing tube from the post office spurred this idea, and turned out to be a huge hit.

Rocket (1)

To turn a simple mailing tube into a rocket, the first thing you’ll need to do is paint it silver using a metallic acrylic paint. Travis has his own agenda more and more these days, a busy three-and-a-half year old. He normally isn’t so into painting, but when I told him we were using “big boy paint” (i.e. non-washable) like real astronauts, he leaped to the task!

Rocket (2)

Cut two fins for the rocket from cardboard and paint those as well. Let dry completely.

Rocket (4)

For the flames of the rocket, you can trim lengths of orange and red fabric into strips, hot glue the edge of the fabric onto plastic piping, and insert into the bottom of your rocket. Or you take a vast short-cut, cut strips of orange and red construction paper, and glue them in. Yup, we went the simple way!

As the final step, I hot glued the two cardboard fins to the body of the rocket, and then made the cap. Cut a piece of shiny craft paper into a circle, and cut out 1/4 of the circle. Fold into a cone, and hot glue onto the top of the rocket.

Rocket (5)

As soon as the glue was cool, it was Travis’s toy to zoom, and oh boy was he exited!

Rocket (7)

It was his suggestion that we launch the rocket off a launch pad, so we repurposed an old cardboard box as our launch site.

Rocket (8)

Definitely a big hit with this three-nager.