Symmetry Butterflies

Symmetry Butterfly (9).JPG

In a day with wind chills in the teens, we needed a little reminder that spring always comes after winter! Butterflies always seem to fit the bill, so I set up this butterfly craft in the morning for Travis.

It’s yet another great way to emphasize symmetry found in nature for little kids, a tiny science lesson thrown in with the art.

First, I traced a butterfly wing on paper that was folded in half, and cut out. Open up and you’ll have symmetrical wings.

Symmetry Butterfly (1)

I tried to persuade Travis to paint only on one side of the wings, which he did at first…

Symmetry Butterfly (3)

…but once he knew that was my request, he became impish and painted on both sides. (Don’t worry, the final design will still work; the result just won’t seem as “magical”).

Symmetry Butterfly (5)

Once your child has finished painting, fold the wings in half and rub firmly to make sure the paint transfers over.

Symmetry Butterfly (6)

Open up for a symmetrical surprise!

Symmetry Butterfly (7)

I painted one a bit more cleanly for him,  so he could learn from the example.

Symmetry Butterfly (4)

After the paint dried, we added butterfly bodies (cut from additional construction paper) and drew on faces. Travis has just begun drawing noses and mouths, so I loved watching him do this part.

Symmetry Butterfly (8)

Even if the butterflies look a little grumpy!

Symmetry Butterfly (10)

We were out of googly eyes, but sparkly stick-ons worked for eyes in a pinch. Hang your butterflies in the window, and enjoy watching them soar!

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Muffin Bites

Mac Muffin (2).JPG

What will your kids love even better than a favorite go-to vegan mac ‘n’ cheese? Individual mini mac ‘n’ cheese muffins, of course! I hadn’t pulled out my mini muffin tin in ages (2012 to be exact) until making this recipe, but now the pan is sure to get a lot of use.


  • 1 package vegan mac ‘n’ cheese mix (such as Annie’s)
  • 2 Ener-G eggs
  • 1/8 teaspoon black pepper
  1. Prepare the mac ‘n’ cheese according to package directions. Let stand for about 5 minutes.
  2. Stir in the Ener-G eggs, then divide the pasta evenly among 20 mini muffin cups.
  3. Sprinkle evenly with the black pepper. Bake at 400 degrees F for 12 minutes. Let stand about 5 minutes before removing from the cups to serve.

Early Explorers Dinosaurs

LP Dino (34).JPG

Unlike many of his peers, Travis has never shown much interest in dinosaurs, but suddenly they seem to be everywhere in his world! His nursery school is doing a dinosaur unit, and we ventured to Dinosaur State Park as part of his Early Explorer’s world discovery unit. Little did we know that our next kit from “Max and Mia” at Little Passports would be all about dinos!

LP Dino (2)

Travis was very into some of the regular items in this month’s kit, adroitly sticking his dino sticker onto his suitcase, proudly matching up each sticker on his map (“Don’t do a thing, Mom!” he commanded me), and eager to check out this month’s flashlight game. He also took right to the activities in the monthly info booklet.

LP Dino (26)

Dinosaurs Craft:

There was no real art project with the dinosaur unit, but the booklet did include a suggestion to draw our own dinosaurs. Since Travis is still making scribbles, I presented him with a dinosaur coloring book instead. He was delighted, and is fast becoming familiar with names like pterodactyl and T. Rex.

LP Dino (23)

He was so proud of his coloring that he raced to hang up his artwork. Soon we had a dino gallery!

LP Dino (24)

Dinosaurs Science:

The booklet includes nifty info on fossils to give your child a quick science lesson: fossils aren’t actually the bones themselves, but a hard rock-like “cast” that forms around them. To approximate a fossil, we followed the booklet’s instructions. First, flatten air-dry clay into a circle, then press in a found object.

LP Dino (12)

We used leaves and rocks, but I wish we’d had a shell on hand! Sticks or twigs would work too.

LP Dino (13)

Carefully remove the object, leaving an imprint behind.

LP Dino (14)

Next, fill the cavity with glue. Let dry completely. Once dry, peel off the glue – this is your fossil “cast.”

LP Dino (20)

I was skeptical, but we were able to peel off our leaf and rock imprints quite well. In all honesty, I was probably more into the final result than Travis was!

LP Dino (29)

Dinosaurs Keepsake:

This month’s package came with an adorable stuffed stegosaurus.

LP DIno (3)

I also opted for the add-on pack of 4 additional plush dino friends, which included a poster describing where in the world dinos have been found. T. Rex now sleeps with Travis every night, of course.

LP Dino (1)

Dinosaurs Field Trip:

Whoops, we’d just been to a dinosaur footprint park, so needed a new field trip this time! The next obvious answer was to visit dinosaur fossils and skeletons at a Natural History Museum.

LP Dino (32)

If you’re also fortunate enough to live near a place where you child can see full skeletons assembled, do it! Nothing compares to seeing how huge these reptiles were in person.

LP DIno (31)

Dinosaurs Further Activities:

We wanted more dinosaur fun, so I poked around on Little Passport’s blog and dug up this dino excavating activity. It’s something we’ve done before, but not in ages! First, we needed to squeeze dinosaurs through the opening of uninflated balloons (always a stretchy endeavor).

LP Dino (5)

Fill the balloons with water (a funnel is helpful), and then tie off. Freeze overnight.

LP Dino (8))

The next morning I asked Travis if he wanted to excavate our dinosaur egg fossils, and he couldn’t wait! First he needed to hold and explore the frozen balloons.

LP Dino (6)

We started by using hot water and pipettes to thaw out the dinos…

LP Dino (7)

…and we loved whenever a bumpy limb or scale emerged through the ice.

LP Dino (9)Once they were exposed enough, we added tools into the equation. Travis did great chiseling, using a hammer while I supported a screwdriver.

LP Dino (18)

He was thrilled when the ice cracked away from the dinos in big chunks. Freed!

LP Dino (17)

In addition, we checked out a few dino books from the library, and Travis loved matching our plastic dino figures up to the book.

LP Dino (27)

The books were a great prompt to encourage him to imagine life in prehistoric times, asking if he thought it was hot or cold, or what sounds he might hear. He was amazed to learn there would be no noise from car engines or airplanes.

Travis latched on to ankylosaurs as a favorite, so we did some research online and even found cute videos about it!

LP Dino (33)

As a final suggestion, we headed outside to see if we could be archaeologists and find any animal prints or plant impressions left in the ground. We thought this trail might have been left by a slug!

LP Dino alt

And even found paw prints.

LP Dino var

Looking forward to our next Explorer adventure!

LP Dino other