Starry Holiday Table Runner

Starry Table (7)

This project is a great way to get kids involved in holiday d├ęcor! The result is charmingly homespun and sure to delight relatives or other visitors at your holiday table.

To start, I prepped a star stencil. Ideally, you’ll want to use a real star stencil from a craft store. I printed a star template on paper and cut out the star shapes, which worked in a pinch; if you use this method, however, be sure to have several templates on hand, as each one can only take a coat or two of paint before tearing.

Starry Table (5)

Next we prepped our workspace, unrolling a large length of craft paper, and pouring white paint into a foil pie plate.

Starry Table (1)

Travis loved helping thin the paint with just a touch of water, for a creamy consistency.

Starry Table (2)

Next I showed him how to hold the stencil in one place on the paper, and paint over the exposed open star shapes. He loved the challenge, and although his paintbrush sometimes slopped over the edges, this only added to the charm of our final runner.

Starry Table (3)

Keep moving your stencil until you’ve covered the entire length needed with star shapes. He even pretended he was a professional painter as he worked!

Starry Table (4)

We left the paint to dry, and then I cut the craft paper to form a thinner rectangular runner, with a triangle snipped from each end for a banner-like effect.

Starry Table (6)

The runner is perfect under our advent calendar display while we wait for the day to actually celebrate with relatives, and then we’ll move it to the buffet table!

Starry Table (8)