Passover Goblet

Passover Goblet (6)

Passover began yesterday, and although we don’t celebrate the holiday, we have friends and family who do. Travis enjoyed learning a bit about the holiday and making these goblets, which are traditionally placed on the Seder table to symbolize hope. The message of hope certainly felt appropriate in this Covid-19 era in which we suddenly live! You’ll need plastic goblets for the craft, which you can find at craft stores or party stores.

Passover Goblet (1)

Dab tacky glue over only half of a plastic goblet, to avoid getting fingers messy, and wind colorful yarn around that half. Let dry, then repeat with the bottom half of the goblet.

Passover Goblet (2)

We left the stems free of yarn, but you can cover completely, if desired.

Passover Goblet (3)

Once dry, we added a few pom poms for a final flourish!

Passover Goblet (5)

You could also add name tags for the prophets Miriam and Elijah, if truly celebrating a Seder this week. Travis loved the way these looked, and was so enamored of the goblets that he made sure the family drank water all day from leftover ones.


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