Full and Empty

Full and Empty (5)

In the category of everyday objects that can entertain your toddler, look no further than the sock drawer!

I set a large kitchen bowl on the ground and gave Veronika a pile of socks, including her own and big brother’s. More is better for this game, so separate the socks from bundled pairs.

Full and Empty (3)

Now it was time to fill it up. She actually picked up the bowl and turned her back to me so she could do this on her own, without my help!

Full and Empty (4)

I started out saying, “Look, the bowl is empty.” As she filled it, I added, “You’re filling up the bowl. The bowl is full!”

Full and Empty (2)

Then we gave it a big dump upside down. “The bowl is empty!” I said again.

Full and Empty (6)

If you want to be extra silly, dump it right on your toddler’s head! Of course it didn’t stay empty for long. Veronika busily loaded the socks in a second, third, and even fourth time.

Full and Empty (7)

This was such a great way to keep her occupied!

Full and Empty (1)

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