Playing with Cups

Plastic Cups (3)

Let’s face it: sometimes a toddler can be in the way. Whether you’re helping an older sibling with a project or trying to get chores done, sometimes those little hands just need to be kept busy!

The easiest hack ever? Give them plastic cups to play with. Do you need to add anything to the cups? Nope, that’s it; just plastic cups!

Plastic Cups (1)

I handed Veronika this stack of clear cups when originally she wanted in on a messy project with big brother. But the moment she saw the cups on the floor, she was hooked.

Plastic Cups (4)

She sat surrounded by a pile of them and stacked them. Sometimes she stacked them upside down, and sometimes facing up (nesting).

Plastic Cups (2)

Sometimes one faced down and one faced up. Then she could topple them over.

Plastic Cups (8)

After a while, she had fun kicking and rolling them, and chasing after them. She even discovered that they made neat reflections when held in front of the shiny dishwasher.

Plastic Cups (5)

I may just give her cups to play with every day. We’ll have to try some in colored plastic for future variation!

Plastic Cups (7)

What’s your favorite toddler toy hack? Please share in the comments!

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