Glitter Water Blob Sensory Bags

Glitter Blob Bag (3)

Veronika has been having so much fun with sensory bags lately. What’s better than a rainbow array of bags to play with? Rainbow bags with glitter and bubbles inside!

To make these glittery bags, fill sandwich-sized zip-top bags about one-third of the way with water. Now add food coloring and glitter.

Glitter Blob Bag (1)

They will look best if the glitter and food color are in the same family; so for example I used a purplish glitter in the red bag, gold in the yellow bag, and silver for the blue and green.

Glitter Blob Bag (2)

Seal the bags (tightly!) and place where your toddler can come discover them.

Glitter Blob Bag (5)

Veronika first just loved squishing her hands on them and watching all that glitter and water move about.  She seemed especially intrigued by the red one.

Glitter Blob Bag (7)

Then we stood them upright so she could lift the bags and grip in two hands, which was good glittery fun. We talked about how sparkly they were!

Glitter Blob Bag (10)

If you lay one bag over the other, as with blue and yellow, you get a color-mixing effect, too, although this was a bit lost on her.

Glitter Blob Bag (4)

The most fun was when we shook the bags and produced bubbles inside – sometimes huge! – which she then chased around with a finger.

Glitter Blob Bag (11)

These easily kept her busy for about a half hour, a big hit.

Glitter Blob Bag (12)



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