Fruity Cereal Activities

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (5)

A favorite snack around here is the Rainbow O’s cereal from Cascadian Farm. So today Veronika played with the cereal in three different activities! You could also do any of these activities with Fruit Loops or Fruity Cheerios, but I like the all natural ingredients in the Rainbow O’s.

First up was a simple sensory tub. I filled a round cake pan with some of the cereal and added brightly colored measuring cups for scooping.

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (1)

Veronika was a lot more interested in tasting and snacking at first…

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (2)

…but eventually scooping was fun, too.

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (4)

Next up, we made some art! I had her scribble on a yellow plate with crayon to make the center of a flower.

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (6)

I glued the plate onto blue cardstock and outlined petal shapes around it. Drip glue over the petal lines, and then cover the glue with the cereal. If your child is in preschool, he or she can definitely help with this step, which will be great for exercising little fingers. Veronika, on the other hand, was quite alarmed to learn she was not allowed to eat the cereal that had glue on it, so much so she burst into tears! So this might have been a little ambitious with a toddler.

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (7)

Finally, it was time to take some cereal on the go! With visions of spring dancing in our heads, I turned her snack bag into a butterfly: Fill a zip-top bag with some of the cereal, then seal and divide in two with a finger.

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (8)

Secure with a craft lace.

Rainbow Cereal Sensory (9)

When you reach your destination, make a necklace! Undo the craft lace and thread some of the cereal onto it, then secure about your child’s neck loosely.

Fruity Necklace (1)

Now a bite is literally at hand the moment the urge to snack hits.

Fruity Necklace (2)

Cupid’s Coasters

Salt Coasters (5)

These salt dough coasters are a fun project and they make a pretty gift. In other words, a fantastic way for kids to say ‘I love you’ to any relatives or friends.

To start, Travis needed to make sure our dough ended up pink, which meant he counted out 8 drops of red food coloring into 3/4 cup water.

Salt Coasters (1)

In a bowl, combine 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and the red water; stir to form a dough, and then knead until smooth.

Salt Coasters (2)

I would use a touch less flour next time, as the dough was quite dry and a little crumbly.  Roll it out until a 1/4-inch thick and use a 4-inch circle cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

Salt Coasters (3)

I showed Travis how to drag a toothpick through the dough to make designs. It was a bit tough for him, but after some frustration, we had circles marker with hearts and arrows (to represent Cupid’s arrow).

Salt Coasters (4)

Bake at 250 degrees F for 2 hours. Let cool completely, then use at home or wrap up for a gift!