Kindergarten Home School Day 4

home school 4 e

The whole family has a little sniffle today (thank goodness nothing more) so we kept to “home school lite” and threw in an afternoon movie. How is your adventure in home school going? Please share in the comments!

7-9: Breakfast, get dressed, free play. And help mommy clean the bathroom! Anyone else’s house extra spic and span right now?

child labor

9-10: ELA. While reading a story (A Stone Stood Still), Travis was on the lookout for five sight words from class. He got a kick out of the fact that he could use marker in the book, since it’s one from home. He also did one letter page from a school workbook and 20 minutes on his Lexia website.

home school 4 b

10-10.30: Math. We went around the house looking for things to count, including toy balls into a bag (42!), and socks. After we counted individual socks, we paired them up.

home school 4 d

10.30-11: Snack/free time.

11-12: We did a Scholastic science unit on spring, which included a nice read-aloud, a few quizzes, and a physical activity to get us moving. I also read Usborne’s See Inside: How Things Work about machines.

12-1: Lunch/quiet time.

1-2: Travis’s special today would have been Music. We sang his school song, and talked about some of his favorites from class, followed by a Spanish song on colors. Little sister loved joining in with instruments.

home school 4 f

2-2.30: Skype with a friend! I’m learning that social interaction is just as key as the education to Travis’s school days. We also played a card game for “social learning”, taking turns going first on Memory.

2.30-4: Movie time! Why not on a rainy day when you have a cold.

4-5: We capped off the day with a “cooking lesson”. Travis and I love to make recipes together, and making a lovely salad was the highlight of the day.

We’re hoping for no rain tomorrow…


Friends and Family Map

Friends and Family (4)

Here’s an activity I’ve meant to do with Veronika for some time, and now with the era of COVID-19 upon us I was propelled into action. For babies who might not get to see relatives in person very often, it’s helpful to have a visual depiction to go with names (Grammy! Papa!) as well as of where people live.

I used two maps for the game, one a world map and one a close-up of the United States.

Friends and Family (1)

Print out pictures of family members, and then cut the faces into small squares; tape these down to the map. She loved looking through all the photos as we worked, proudly saying the names of grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Friends and Family (2)

Of course Veronika is too young to fully understand geography, but it was a fun way to introduce the names of different states as we positioned all the photos.

Then we moved up to the world-sized map to look at relatives who live abroad, and also the places where her ancestors come from, like England and India.

Friends and Family (3

Hang this on the wall and refer to it often!