Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet (5)

Veronika is at the age where imaginative play starts to take off, so today I took her on a magic carpet ride!

Clearly your child will have no context for such a game, so you may want to take a quick peek at the magic carpet scene of a movie like ‘Aladdin’. Veronika was entranced by the soaring carpet!

Magic Carpet (1)

Then I sat her down on a big beach towel (with a rather magic carpet-esque print). A few doll friends came along for the ride.

Magic Carpet (3)

Humming and singing songs, we went for a magic carpet ride around the apartment, waving to the things we passed.

Magic Carpet (4)

I then transferred her dolls to a smaller towel to see if she wanted to be the one to give a ride, but this was met with confusion.

Magic Carpet (6)

So it was back to her big carpet for another ride! Does your child prefer to pull toys on the magic carpet, or sit for a ride? Please share in the comments!