Glowing Creepy Crawly Sensory Bag

Glow Bag (4)

I used a black light and glow-in-the-dark spiders for this novel sensory bag. I thought Veronika would be very into the glowing bugs, but it turns out the black light was too interesting and distracting! I had read online that tonic water glows under black light. It was hard to tell if this was actually true, but the project was still fun!

To set up, combine 1 bottle of hair gel (use clear or yellow) and about 1/4 cup tonic water in a large zip-top bag.

Glow Bag (1)

Seal and mix, then open the bag back up to add your “creepy” stuff. I had glow-in-the-dark spiders, as well as a few googly eyes from the craft bin.

Glow Bag (2)

Seal the bag, then place on the ground and turn out the lights. Turn on your black light and watch it glow!

Glow Bag (3)

When the black light was on, the hair gel mixture was most evident. If we turned it off, the glow of the spiders became more apparent.

Glow Bag (6)

Veronika loved poking at the eyes and bugs with a finger, and generally just squishing her hands all over it.

Glow Bag (5)

But as mentioned, the black light was very distracting, so I’m going to think of ways to make a glowing sensory bag that doesn’t involve the light. Stay tuned!

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