Sun Catcher Sensory Bags

Sun Catcher Sensory (5)

This easy sensory bag doubles as a sun catcher for toddlers… so be sure to play on a sunny day!

My original intent had been to make several of these bags, using different combinations of primary colors in each. But I quickly realized that my one container of hair gel was only going to fill a single large zip-top bag, so one version it was! If you have hair gel in bulk, by all means make several.

Sun Catcher Sensory (1)

I decided to work with blue and yellow. Squirt the hair gel into the bag and then drip in food coloring so that two separate colors are in opposite corners of the bag. I then taped it to our patio door, which catches the morning sunlight beautifully.

Sun Catcher Sensory (8)

Veronika was entranced!

Sun Catcher Sensory (4)

She loved how squishy it was when she poked at it.

Sun Catcher Sensory (3)

She loved how the colors splashed around when she tapped it with her full palm.

Sun Catcher Sensory (6)

She loved the way we could chase bubbles through it with our fingers.

Sun Catcher Sensory (7)

Meanwhile, I loved pointing out the reflections it made on our wall, and how the blue and yellow were combining toward green in the center. Plus I loved watching her sunlit smile as she played.

We left this one up for a few days!


Sun Catcher Sensory (9)

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