Shaving Cream Color Mixing Bag

Shaving Cream Color Mix (4)

Here’s a spin on a recent color mixing activity Veronika enjoyed for Valentine’s Day. This time the bags were bigger and the whole thing was a lot squishier!

For set up, squirt paint into the corners of three gallon-sized zip-top bags. Each bag should contain a pair of primary colors: red + yellow, yellow + blue, and blue + red.

Shaving Cream Color Mix (1)

I next squirted a healthy dose of shaving cream into each bag between the two colors.

Shaving Cream Color Mix (2)

Seal the tops with duct tape for added security, or this could get messy!

Shaving Cream Color Mix (3)

Now it was just up to Veronika. She immediately loved squishing the bags between her palms.

Shaving Cream Color Mix (6)

It turns out they were also a blast to throw up in the air…

Shaving Cream Color Mix (7)

…or behind her back. Ta da!

Shaving Cream Color Mix (8)

Once she had thoroughly kneaded the bags, the colors started to mix together. It wasn’t as clear a “lesson” on primary and secondary colors as other sensory bags we’ve tried, but the visual effect was still lots of fun and quite pretty!

Shaving Cream Color Mix (9)

Here is the final, squished and much enjoyed result.

Shaving Cream Color Mix (!0)

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