Your Child’s Voice

Child's Voice (1)

I haven’t recorded Veronika since she was still in the babbling phase. Now, she’s using words, phrases, and even full sentences, and I wanted to make sure to capture the moment. You’ll probably have to try several times before you capture the sounds you want in a game like this, but set aside some time today for audio recording, no matter what age your child is!

In the good old days this task would have required a cassette player and tape and lots of patience. Today, I just tapped the voice record app on my smart phone and sat down by Veronika. I gave a brief intro, including her age and the date.

Next I coaxed her with a few cues, like singing the first line of favorite songs. Luckily she played along and chimed right in. Old Macdonald Had a Farm is a favorite, for example and I caught her on tape calling it “e-i-e-i”.

Child's Voice (2)

She asks for lots of songs like this, including, “uppa” for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (as in: “up above the world so high”).

Child's Voice (3)

Once we’d recorded a few songs, I tried tricking her into saying current favorite phrases. Her first full sentence is “All done with…” whenever we finish something, i.e. “All done with diaper,” “All done with water,” etc. I got the recorder ready as these moments approached over the course of the day, and captured her little voice saying the words. “All done with dinner!”

Child's Voice (4)

This is definitely an activity you can return to again and again. Pretty soon you’ll have a whole library of adorable audio clips!