Expressing Emotion

Expressing Emotion (2)

Anyone who has a toddler knows that those little bodies have big emotions. That’s why today I focused on putting words to feelings whenever Veronika had an emotion coursing through her. This is a helpful tactic for dealing with toddler tantrums, not just for your child (who learns to put words to feelings) but also for caregivers who might feel at a loss witnessing a full meltdown.

I’m always glad to point out a good mood, of course, so don’t forget to do so. At breakfast, I told a smiling Veronika, “You’re feeling happy!”

Expressing Emotion (1)

Later in the day, it was her big brother who was feeling sad, and Veronika looked worried. I named the emotion for her so it was less scary: “Brother is feeling a little sad right now, but he’ll feel better soon.”

Expressing Emotion (3)

And then of course, there’s the tantrum. “I can see that you’re angry, I understand,” I told her when she wanted me to hold her but the laundry needed folding.

Expressing Emotion (4)

Follow this up with a big hug. Sometimes just that physical touch will be enough to circumvent tantrum mode.

Do you have any tricks to curb a toddler meltdown? Please share in the comments!