Ball in Balloon

Ball in Balloon (3)

Take your toddler’s balloon play to the next level with one single addition: rubber golf balls! These small bouncy balls will make the balloons move in unexepected ways, delighting your little one with a new surprise at each moment.

First, I showed Veronika the two materials we needed. I stretched out the balloon necks dramatically (which will help the balls fit inside) and bounced the balls a few times, in order to set up the playful moment.

Ball in Balloon (1)

Next, I inserted one ball into each balloon.

Ball in Balloon (2)

See-through balloons might have had a better effect so she could actually see them rolling around inside, but opaque balloons were still enjoyable! First I shook it, so Veronika could hear the ball inside.

Ball in Balloon (7)

Then I tossed it forward. Instead of floating gently as she might have expected, it wibble-wobbled back and forth and came to the ground quickly.

She needed to hug them…

Ball in Balloon (8)

…bounce them…

Ball in Balloon (6)

…chase them…

Ball in Balloon (5)

… and hold them by the tied-off knot to shake them. What a great morning of balloon fun!

Ball in Balloon (4)