My Beautiful Balloon

My Balloon (6)

Veronika had so much fun with a balloon recently that today I treated her to another, this time the small Mylar kind, but we turned it more into a game of cause-and-effect. These little balloons are perfect for multiple games, all of which encourage hand-eye coordination, too.

She immediately discovered that, when released from her hands, the balloon skittered away from her. This led to an excellent time giggling and chasing it around the house.

My Balloon (1)

To avoid frustration, next we tied on a string. I towed it along behind me and she gave chase on hands in knees.

My Balloon (2)

Then it was her turn to tug it along, soon her endless companion in loops around the house.

My Balloon (3)

The best fun was dropping it from a height and bopping it back in the air. She roared with laughter.

My Balloon (4)

Lie your toddler on his her or her back for the best view!

My Balloon (5)

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