Chocolate-Eating Game

Chocolate-Eating (2).JPG

Travis learned about this hilarious game from his latest Highlights magazine, traditionally played at birthdays in Germany. It sounded so silly and fun we had to give it a try just for an after-school snack!

If you’re playing with multiple players, you’ll need a dice. Anyone who rolls a 6 quickly puts on a hat, mittens, and scarf, and tries to unwrap a chocolate bar with a knife and fork. The next player to roll a 6 takes that first person’s turn, and if the bar is unwrapped, then whoever rolls a 6 now gets to eat the chocolate with a knife and fork. Silly, right?

Because it was just me and Travis, we took turns donning all the winter gear and working at the wrapper with the utensils.

Chocolate-Eating (1)

Mommy got us in! Time to fork into our chocolate.

Chocolate-Eating (3)

Whoever manages to eat the most chocolate wins, of course! I can see this being just delicious to play with a batch of kids at a party.

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