Silly Photo

Silly Photo (1)

This is an activity I’ve wanted to do with Veronika for ages, so much so that a while back I loaded up both kids in the car and drove 45 minutes to a lunch spot that was supposed to have a working photo booth.

Silly Photo (6)

It turned out to have been broken for 2 years (although popping in and out from behind the curtain was still fun!)>

Silly Photo (7)

Serendipity was with us at an arcade though, where I spotted a photo booth among the game machines. I immediately popped inside and sat Veronika on my lap. She was confused but intrigued by the screen, the curtain, the buttons, all of it.

Silly Photo (3)

Getting a toddler to pose for pictures is tough of course, but we got some cute shots!

Silly Photo (4)

Now these an hang on our fridge; I love that I can point the photos out to her and remind her of the memory. We also took time with our instant camera at home to make a few more deliberate shots.

Silly Photo alt

Pick an action like nuzzling cheeks, kissing noses, or other silly poses you can look back on and smile. Say cheese!