Kindergarten Home School Week 4: Wednesday

Home School 18 c

Hurrah for a successful day. Between innovative assignments and an interest in the topics, Travis did great today. There was also ample room for toddler activities, whether getting little sister busy with socks or pausing for a toddler gym video class.

9-9.30: ELA. Today Travis made words with his feet! Write out a few words (consonant-vowel-consonant) with a separate letter per sheet of paper, and arrange them on the floor. I wrote out: pig, wig, cat, mat, hat, van, and can. Now Travis had to spell the words by stomping on them! This was very silly of course, and the kids both loved crumpling up the paper when we were done.

Home School 18 a

9.30-10: Math. Today was about estimating and counting to 100. First Travis pulled a handful from a pile of pennies. I asked Travis to estimate how many he had, which he struggled with for a moment before coming up with 10. It was really 11! He pulled a second handful and I asked if it felt like more or less. He said less and estimated 5, for a correct answer of 8.

Home School 18 b

We then grouped the pennies into 10s, which let us skip count to 100. For a little exercise, we counted by 1s to 100, alongside a movement video.

10-10.30: Travis did Lexia for 20 minutes while baby sister had a “gym” class.

10.30-11: Free play/snack. Too rainy for outdoor recess!

11-12: Science. We watched a video of a sunflower book, after which he cut out the steps in the life cycle of a a sunflower. First he ordered them, then glued them down in a booklet and colored them in, thinking about the realistic colors of dirt, sky, flower petals etc. We even sent a video of it to his teacher!

Home School 18 d

Travis also colored in our state bird (the chickadee) for Draw a Bird Day – yes that’s a thing!

National Draw Bird

12-1: Lunch/free play.

1-1.30: Library. There was a rhyming activity online for what would have been his special today, and we watched our town librarian read a story video. Travis rounded out the half hour with a few games from PBS Kids online.

2-3: We tacked on our own extra-curricular: cooking! This counted as music, too, since we didn’t just make blueberry bars, we made blues-berry bars.

It was too rainy to get outside, so we got out our wiggles with a Go Noodle dance. We capped off the day with puzzles (48 pieces, a first for Travis!).

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