Easter Egg Maracas

Egg Maracas (7)

Here’s a great use for any extra plastic Easter eggs you have lying around this time of year! You can make the maracas after the hunt on the holiday, or set aside a few and make them beforehand; they look beautiful among other Easter decorations.

First, scoop a little rice into plastic Easter eggs. Good scooping practice!

Egg Maracas (1)

Place two plastic spoons around the egg, and secure with decorative washi tape. Any color will do, but I looked specifically for colors and prints that evoked springtime! Whoops – Travis thought it was funny when he taped my thumb in for a moment.

Egg Maracas (2)

Now continue wrapping in washi tape until the egg and the spoon handles are completely covered. This step got a big frustrating for Travis, so finishing up became a mama job.

Egg Maracas (5)

Turns out little sister Veronika loved the maracas, too!

Egg Maracas (4)

In fact, perhaps more so than Travis.

Egg Maracas (6)

But they were still great for shaking and grooving to music.

Egg Maracas (8)

Add these to your table centertop for an Easter decoration, or just enjoy them during any music play.

Egg Maracas (3)


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