One Too Many

One Too Many (8)

In the past, I worked with Veronika on handing her one toy when she already held another in her grasp; it’s a great way to help little finger muscles practice gripping and letting go. Today, the challenge was harder: what would she do if she was holding two toys and presented with a third?

Use toys that are very similar for the best results (otherwise this becomes more like a game of toy choice). We have small shapes that she can grab on to easily, and which are quite alike, so they worked great for this game.

One Too Many (1)

She took hold of the circle when I handed it to her first, and it was easy to take the rectangle in her other hand.

One Too Many (2)

But oh no! What would she do now that triangle came along?

One Too Many (3)

It took a moment, but then rectangle was dropped.

One Too Many (4)

Uh oh, here comes rectangle back again! Who would be sacrificed?

One Too Many (5)

Down goes circle!

One Too Many (6)

She delighted in the game, and I could almost see her brain processing what to do each time. And of course there was the good fun of simply handling and gnawing on the shapes, as well.

One Too Many (7)


I Spy Books

I Spy (12).JPG

Here’s a homemade take on classic I Spy books! Although not nearly as detailed or tricky as the real thing, it’s a fun project to put together, and you can involve your child in the process from start to finish.

First, we needed to create a few tableau that would later be cut apart to make our I Spy pictures. Travis liked setting the stage on a big piece of white poster board.

I Spy (3)

We chose three categories: his superheroes for the first; his cars for the second; and miscellaneous toys that he has collected for the third.

I Spy (6)

I had the pictures printed while he was at school for a surprise when he came home!

I Spy (8)

Next, we needed to cut them up so we could shuffle things around a bit. This was mostly a grown-up step, but big kids might want to decide what items should go on which page.

Once we cut and pasted, I slipped the pieces of paper into the sleeves of a small photo album.

I Spy (9)

For the facing page, I typed up a list of things to find in each section. Travis was intrigued trying to guess what numbers matched which words!

I Spy (10)

Now it was time to sit down for a challenge! Could he find three green cars?

I Spy (14)

Two members of the royal family?

I Spy (13)

This project was cute and engaging, a definite hit!

I Spy (11)