The Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on Bus (5)

Veronika and I had a bus-themed day today, threading the vehicle through our play and activities in just about every way! A theme-day like this can be a fantastic way to fill the time with your infant.

Babies love buses; somehow that’s just a thing. Maybe it’s because they’re so big and yellow, or the excitement of seeing big kids get on and off, or just the fact that they all hear ‘Wheels on the Bus’ from a young age. But babies love buses.

Veronika and I started with the song. I love the way the verses lend themselves so naturally to motions with baby’s body. To wit, I swish Veronika from the hips down for the wipers…

Wheels on Bus (2)

…or pedal her legs round and round…

Wheels on Bus (1)

…or beep her nose for the horn.

Wheels on Bus (3).JPG

You can also show your baby a cute clip of the song, like Little Baby Bum’s version.

Wheels on Bus (4)

Then, we spent some time with bus-themed play. We read a book about buses (Usborne’s clever Baby’s Very First Bus Book has wheels that your little one can spin!) and played with a plastic bus toy; she couldn’t get enough of scooting it around during tummy time.

Wheels on Bus (6)

How did we cap it all off? With a ride on a real bus, of course! I selected an easy route downtown where I could park the car, take the bus only a stop or two, and make it back to the car on a little walk. You could also pick a round-trip destination on a bus if there’s a place you and your baby need to visit.

She seemed very intrigued as we waited at the bus stop. Here comes our bus, right on time!

Wheels on Bus (7)

Then she looked around wide-eyed during our ride! As the bus bounced along, I sang ‘Wheels on the Bus’ quietly into her ear.

Wheels on Bus (8)

In sum, a bus-y day!