Fingerprint Kit

Fingerprint Kit (10).JPG

Following up on some recent secret agent fun, today Travis got to delve into real forensics! We’ve already talked about how everyone’s fingerprints are unique, and how real detectives use this fact to find “bad guys.” With a few simple tools, we could play detective, too.

First, make sure you have a few sharp pencils on hand, and rub on sandpaper.

Fingerprint Kit (1)

The graphite will flake off, which Travis thought was neat. As we made piles of it, we dumped it into a small plastic jar until we had a nice amount.

Fingerprint Kit (2)

Now invite your suspects (family members or friends, that is!) to press their finger against a piece of glass. We used a baby-safe mirror, but in retrospect I wish we’d used a window pane, as the imprint of a finger would last longer.

Fingerprint Kit (3)

Dip an old make-up brush into the graphite, and then swirl over each print. The black will adhere to the fingerprints.

Fingerprint Kit (5)

Press a piece of tape over the print, and transfer to paper. You can make circles on the paper in advance and label each with “suspect’s” name, if your child wants to!

Fingerprint Kit (6)

Once the prints were on paper, we could examine them with a magnifying glass, too. Hmm, what case would Travis solve?

Fingerprint Kit (8)

Overall, Travis thought the project was neat, but was most into the brush. This then became a forensic tool to dust all about the house. Let the imagination go wild from here!

Fingerprint Kit (9)



Pelvic Lifts with Baby on Board

Pelvic Lifts (4)

I just love it when activities are mutual beneficial, don’t you? In this easy little move, mama gets to tone up and feel strong, and baby gets a fun ride – a win-win!

To do the move, I lay down comfortably on an exercise mat, with my knees bent. Veronika sat on my tummy, her back resting against my thighs, and I held her securely around the middle.

Now raise your pelvis off the floor, so your torso and hips form a straight line. Exhale on each lift, and inhale on the way back down, repeating 10 times.

Pelvic Lifts (3)

Of course for me this was exercise, but for Veronika, it was pure fun! She absolutely adored the ride. Many thanks to big brother Travis who captured the beaming smile on her face.

Pelvic Lifts (1)

She loved it so much that we repeat several times throughout the day now; it’s a surefire way to get her to giggle and laugh. Mama gets toned, and baby gets happy!

Pelvic Lifts (2)