Let Go, Grab Hold

Let Go (1)

If you were holding an object in one hand, and I handed you another, you wouldn’t think twice before dropping the first to pick up the second. But this is quite the realization for little babies, and their little brains will have to think hard about it. So try this cute game to get those brains working. You’ll help develop the grip as well as the concept of opening the hand to let go.

I gave Veronika a set of favorite, easy-to-hold keys, but then enticed her with a new toy.

Let Go (2)

Soon she was holding the new rattle firmly. A weight-lifter like mama!

Let Go (3)

Now it twas time to present a new option.

Let Go (4)

She’s thinking about it…

Let Go (5)Thinking hard…

Let Go (6)

The rattle is down!

Let Go (7).JPG

And the ball is up. Good job, Veronika!

Let Go (8)

Play this game throughout the day, and in days to come, and your little one will rapidly develop good hand control.

Let Go (9)



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