DIY Crazy Hair Wig

Crazy Wig (6).JPG

Travis has been into disguises lately, so when I suggested we make a wig, he couldn’t wait to see the final result! This project will be a little time consuming on the part of you, grown-up, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Crazy Wig (1)

First, I let Travis select a color of pipe cleaner for the base of the wig, and we measured around his head with two for the perfect fit. Twist them together until they are the proper size.

Crazy Wig (2)

Next, I cut lengths of ribbon for the hair. I used thick green and yellow yarn in alternating blocks for most of the wig, but added in fun pops of color with a slightly thinner rainbow yarn. This means a lot of tedious knotting and tying, but Travis was thrilled. “Can I watch?” he asked, when I was sure he’d want to play elsewhere.

Crazy Wig (3)

At last, the wig was ready for a try-on.

Crazy Wig (4)

Travis loved being in disguise!

Crazy Wig (7)

He soon dubbed himself “Mummy Man.” Based on your child’s current interests, this wig could make them anything from a mummy to a fairy princess to a wizard to so much more. So go have some crazy fun!

Crazy Wig (8)

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