Have a Family Meal

Family Meal (3)

If you’re in step with me on this baby game journey, then your baby is three-months old and still confined to milk alone – whether breast or bottle. So it’s hard to imagine that solid meals are but a few more months away! To introduce Veronika to the idea of family meals, we’re making a point of including her at mealtimes, even though she can’t partake of the food yet.

I will confess, we’re not the model family when it comes to “family dinner.” Travis eats early, and his dad and me eat after he’s asleep. But i always make sure I sit with him at his mealtime, and we read a magazine or do an activity workbook together. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to have this be their special sibling mealtime together!

So here comes Veronika. Sit your baby right at the table so he or she is part of the meal, whether on a lap or baby chair.

Veronika gets to practice holding her own spoon!

Family Meal (1)

Babies will benefit just from sitting here, taking in the sounds of conversation and the visual cues of eating.

Family Meal (2)

You can also talk about the tastes or textures of what big members of the family are enjoying.

Family Meal (4)

In sum, I love perching Veronika on my knee for mealtime now. She’s part of the family, and we want her to know it!

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