Exercise Cube

Exercise Cube (4).JPG

Stuck inside on a winter day and need to get moving? Look no further than this game to get those kiddos some exercise, no playground required!

I gave Travis an empty tissue box, and told him we needed to think up an activity for each side of the cube. This was a nice quick math lesson, since we counted to see how many sides our cube had: 6!

Exercise Cube (1)

Travis was really into brainstorming the activities, and actually came up with some I wouldn’t have thought of, including… yoga! Great idea. By the end, our list included:


Jump up and down

Run in a zig-zag

Touch your toes

Roll onto your back

and Spin in a Circle

Older kids can have fun drawing a picture to go with each caption. Travis liked my little drawings; no points for artistry here, I stick to stick figures, but these got a giggle.

Exercise Cube (2)

We used a glue stick to attach one activity per side of the box. It dried in no time, and then it was time to play.

Exercise Cube (3)

Travis loved it! We took turns tossing the big dice, and got quite silly, especially when mommy had to spin multiple times in a row, or when he got to run in a zig-zag (his fast favorite).

Here he is spinning:

Exercise Cube (8)

And rolling over:

Exercise Cube (9)

Uh oh, toe touching was tricky for mama…

Exercise Cube (7)

…but a cinch for Travis.

Exercise Cube (6)

The only note of caution here: He wanted to keep playing long after I was winded! Needless to say, we got in our exercise on this gray cold day.

Exercise Cube (10)

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