Kiss Me Game

Kiss Me Game (1)

Today Veronika and I got silly with our kisses! This is a sweet little activity that builds on the Kisses to Learn game we played when she was younger. It builds vocabulary at the same time that it promotes bonding.

The goal was to see what we could kiss with, other than our lips! First was a nose to nose nuzzle kiss.

Kiss Me Game (3)

Then I rubbed my cheek against hers for cheek kisses! Forehead-to-forehead also produced a big smile.

From there, you can get really silly. Can your eyelashes kiss? Your knees? Your chins? Your ears?

Kiss Me Game (4)

Name each body part as you do the “kiss”, and get ready for smiles of delight. I loved this idea so much that I hope to continue it. As she gets older, maybe we’ll make chin kisses part of our nightly routine before bed.

Kiss Me Game (5)



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