Kisses to Learn

Learning Kisses (2)

Let’s face it – parents can’t stop kissing their babies! Those adorable faces, those irresistibly chubby cheeks, those tiny hands and feet… And today we added in a little learning to the kisses!

Diaper time is a great moment for this activity, but any time will do, really. As you kiss each part of baby, say, “I love your feet/tummy/cheeks” etc.

Perfect places for kisses: hands, feet, foreheads, eyebrows, ears, noses. And really anywhere! This foot is about to get a kiss of course.

Learning Kisses (1)

You can also bring stuffed animals into the game. “Giraffe loves your cheeks, Veronika.”

Learning Kisses (3)

Babies really absorb language when it’s combined with actions in this way – plus they get to feel you’re affection! So get smooching.

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