Hand Control

hand control (1)

It’s a delight watching Veronika use her hands these days. She was an early grasper, at only about two months, but now she can control an object as she holds it. To enhance her experience, today I set out a variety of toys with a variety of textures (hard, soft, crinkly) so she could fully enjoy the use of those little hands!

hand control (7)

By variety I mean not just multiple toys, but also that some contained multiple textures in one toy; items like these are great for babies who are exploring with their hands.

hand control (5)

Veronika loves that she can hold the wooden ring on this giraffe, while feeling plastic or soft parts of it elsewhere.

hand control (4)

Meanwhile she tested out holding a crinkly banana…

hand control (2)

…and a hard musical rattle.

hand control (6)

Baby books with soft pages are great for little grasping hands too. Some have built in handles or teethers…

hand control (3)

…and others are sized just right for tiny fingers.

hand control (8)

And of course all those dangling toys on the playgym are perfect for encouraging a grasp. I make sure the toys hang low enough that Veronika can bat at them or grab on. She always seems delighted when her efforts are rewarded!

hand control (9)


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