Ready, Action

ready action (1)

Veronika is familiar now with some of our favorite fingerplays, like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus. Today, it was her turn to get in on the hand motions!

Sit your child in a comfortable position facing you; the Boppy or a similar nursing pillow is a great option for little ones who can’t sit up on their own yet.

I knelt in front of Veronika with a big smile, and held her hands as we went through the rhyme. She seemed so excited that her fingers were making the spider go up, too!

ready action (3)

Down came the rain…

ready action (2)

…and out came the sun.

ready action (4)

Next we tried Wheels on the Bus, which consists of fun movements for your infant to join in on. Her little arms went round and around, up and down, open and shut, you name it.

ready action (5)

This game made for an adorable morning of play, and we’ll be sure to try it again soon.

ready action (6)


Advanced Tummy Time

advanced tummy (4)

At almost three months old, Veronika can now keep her head up at a 90 degree angle during tummy time. So it was time for some advanced tummy time play!

Today, I placed her on a soft blanket, and helped prop her up on her elbows.

advanced tummy (1)

Then I got down with my belly on the floor and looked right at her. Well boy was she ever surprised!

advanced tummy (2)

We sat this way for a good five minutes, and she wanted to chat the whole time. It was an absolutely adorable tete-a-tete. If your child is hesitant still about tummy time, talk to them reassuringly, or perhaps sing or play a song they find soothing.

advanced tummy (3)

Veronika jumped right in to the game, though! And I wasn’t the only one she wanted to check out at floor level; the cat caught her eye, too.

advanced tummy (6)

Another way to do tummy time with babies who resist it is to place them right on your chest. Nothing says you need to be on the floor to strengthen those little muscles, plus you get great skin-to-skin time.

advanced tummy (7)

Either way, on the verge of three months old, we’re aiming for 15 to 20 minutes of tummy time daily, so it’s time to step it up!

advanced tummy (5)

Hang a Mobile

hang mobile (5)

I’ve been meaning to hang an old mobile above Veronika’s crib for quite some time, but in full disclosure…we haven’t even bought a mattress for the crib yet, since she’s so comfy in her bassinet!

But I didn’t want to lose that small window of time for a mobile; by the time babies are grabbing things down around 6 months old, they become a hazard, so two or three months of age is really the sweet spot. We’ve had items temporarily dangling over her, but I wanted something more permanent for her to enjoy.

hang mobile (1)

So today, I screwed a small wall hook above her diaper table, and put the mobile there. Now it’s the perfect visual during our daily diaper changes, since she spends a lot of time looking up from here!

hang mobile (3)

The screw gives me flexibility as well; to keep things interesting, I can also hang our Cricket Crate mobile there on occasion.

hang mobile (4)

For a fun DIY “mobile” idea, you can also attach small felt animals or toys to the spokes of a bright umbrella. First I tied strings onto the umbrella’s spokes.

hang mobile (6)

We affixed felt finger puppets to the end of each string – a nice reuse of this project!

hang mobile (7)

Rather than secure the umbrella from the ceiling and risk it falling, I simply held it over Veronika and spun it around, to her great delight.

hang mobile (8)

What’s hanging from your baby’s mobile? Please share in the comments!

hang mobile (9)