Glowing Fishbowl

Glowing Fishbowl (5).JPG

Although I don’t advocate keeping real fish as pets (it’s a sad existence to travel around and around a bowl for years on end), fake fish can make adorable companions! On a recent trip to a local fish hatchery, Travis picked up a plastic fish and turtle. We thought it would be cute to make them a little habitat to stay in. What’s better than a fishbowl home? A glowing fishbowl home!

First we squirted glue into the insides of the a clear glass bowl with a wide mouth, intending to make lines that looked like seaweed. Our glue was very runny, so didn’t work as well as we hoped, but we still then managed to dump in a whole can of glow-in-the-dark glitter and swirl the bowl until it coated the “seaweed.”

glowing fishbowl (2)

Definitely do this step over a trash can!

I then piped on a few fish with additional glow-in-the-dark paint and we set it aside to dry.

The glitter, disappointingly, didn’t show up as glowy as we hoped, but the fish were cute glowing in the dark.

glowing fishbowl (3)

Once we filled the bowl with water, it was the perfect home for our fish and turtle.

glowing fishbowl (4)


Name Drop

name drop (4)

Infants are exposed to thousands of words every day, but one of the very first words your infant will learn to distinguish is his or her name. Help the process along with this cute activity!

Today – and most days! – make it a point of saying your child’s name as you do each thing throughout the day, instead of “you.” So: “Veronika is getting a diaper change,” “Veronika is playing on her play mat.” You might even get big smiles for your efforts!

name drop (3)

To be even more playful, switch up the lyrics of songs to include your child’s name. This is something I’ve always done with lullabies, for both my chlidren, but today we had fun using a musical chime toy to sing “Oh Veronika” instead of “Oh Suzanna,” as well as “Rock-a-Bye Veronika,” Veronika Had a Little Lamb” and other favorites.

name drop (2)
And it helps to have her name written in various places around the house, too. It’s a long way off, but eventually your little one will sightread their name as a first step toward reading.

How else are we talking with Veronika these days? Happy conversations back and forth! She’s really starting to “chat” up a storm, and I don’t want to ignore these attempts at language. As mentioned in my review of Cricket Crate’s Faces kit, when a baby “oohs,” “ah gehs” and “mmms” at you, she’s trying out words.

name drop (5)

We’ve been having a lot of happy back and forths; it turns out Veronika is a very opinionated little lady!