Tower of Blocks

tower blocks (3)

Today was time for Veronika’s first engineering lesson!

Ok, not really, but soft blocks are a great toy for babies, and the first step towards all the stacking and building to come. For now, the fun is simply in the bright colors, and of course, the knocking down!

Use any soft foam or fabric blocks for this game; save the wooden ones with sharp corners for later.

I built a small tower of four blocks next to Veronika, and first let her just enjoy looking at it.

tower blocks (2)

Then I knocked it down, whee!

tower blocks (4)

The next time, I built it up and encouraged her to knock it down. Boom!

tower blocks (1)

She loved the back and forth of this, and we built quite a few little towers. You can talk about the colors, shapes, and more as you build.

tower blocks (9)

She seemed so intrigued by the blocks that I then set them up as visual stimulation for tummy time – a nice variation that kept things fresh.

tower blocks (8)

How do you and your little one play with blocks? Please share in the comments!