Floating Scarves

Floating Scarf (2).JPG

This cute game is a new way to engage your baby with different fabrics and textures; it’s a step up from the dangling scarf game Veronika and I played at one month old. Now she’s a big two months old, and enjoyed this new version!

Talking to your baby, hold thin scarves a little above him or her, and let float gently to the ground. After the first few times, Veronika was looking up in anticipation.

floating scarf (1)

When the scarves landed, I quickly took them away from her face, but let her feel the fabric on hands and cheeks.

We varied the game by using feather boas…

floating scarf (3)

…and then feathers from the craft store.

floating scarf (4)

These last were super fun and tickly.

floating scarf (5)



Customize the Baby Gym

custom gym (3)

At two months old, chances are your baby spends a lot of time on his or her back staring up at the toys on a playgym, and will continue to do so until he or she can sit in another few months – that’s a lot of time staring up at the same toys!

Today I did a little switch-e-roo for Veronika, mixing up the toys. Snap-on ones from her Cricket Crate were perfect, as well as a few other Velcro toys that hang down and can attach safely.

custom gym (1)

She seemed to love the change of scenery, doing lots of reaching…

custom gym (2)

…and kicking.

custom gym (5)

Whoops, she seems not so sure about Mr. Octopus here!

custom gym (6)

This a great thing to get in the habit of doing weekly for your little one. I even hung a set of plastic teaspoons for Travis, when he was a few months old! Anything that can safely dangle and entertain will keep that little one happy while you get things done around the house.

custom gym (4)

Map the Stars

Map the Sky (3).JPG

Travis has been a bit afraid of the dark lately, and we’re working on making his room feel safe at night. These glowing star pictures were the perfect activity to make the dark less scary!

First, we needed to paint backgrounds for a night sky, on sturdy watercolor paper. I suggested a mix of blue and black, but Travis insisted on using only black for his backdrop. “Because I made it too late, Mom! It’s not twilight, it’s pitch black.” I couldn’t argue with that!

map the sky (1)

We left our backdrops to dry while he was at school. When he returned, I set up a page from Usborne’s Big Book of Stars and Planets showing constellations. We selected Orion, and I had him count the stars in each portion (the belt, the shoulders) as I added a drop of glue for each.

Affix a glow-in-the-dark star to correspond to each point.

map the sky (2)

To finish each picture, we drew lines in white chalk connecting the stars.

map the sky (4)

Now we had beautiful starry pictures for his wall! Make sure to leave a bright light source near the pictures until just before bedtime, then turn them off and watch the room glow.

map the sky (5)