Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

grocery hunt (1)

As an expansion to our French-themed Raddish Kit, Travis and I headed off with a scavenger hunt card to discover some of the most common ingredients in French cooking.

On the way there, I gave Travis a quick lesson on French food shopping. Having spent time in the country, I eagerly told Travis how different types of ingredients were sold in different markets. So although we were headed to a big grocery store, we still shopped department by department!

grocery hunt (3)

First up was the produce, or what might be found in a village marche (farmers’ market). Travis was very proud finding mushrooms, the first item on our list.

grocery hunt (2)

We also picked up a number of spices, including fresh tarragon, rosemary, and thyme. Take the time to savor the smell of these!

Bread would have been purchased at the boulangerie of course, and Travis loved pulling a long baguette from the bread counter. And although we didn’t buy it, he had fun stopping by the cheese counter (fromagerie), since we’ve never paused to look at such a display together.

grocery hunt (5)

He was so proud holding up our list once everything had been checked off!

grocery hunt (6)


Musical “Hide-and-Seek”

Musical Hide (8).JPG

Our games are getting a bit more sophisticated with Veronika! When she was smaller, I tested her ability to locate a voice to either side of her head. Today we made the game… musical!

Small rattles with a variety of bells or other percussion sounds are perfect for this game. I feel like everyone has this classic quartet!

musical hide (1)

First, I let Veronika see and hear the rattles, so she knew what was making the sounds.

musical hide (2)

She wanted to reach out and hold one, great for practicing her grip!

musical hide (3)

Next I sat her on my lap, and shook the rattle just out of sight. As she turned her head, I would bring it closer, so she was rewarded with a full view. Photo credit to my four year old!

musical hide (5)

I gave each of the four rattles a turn, and she particularly responded to this one:

musical hide (7)

Big brother Travis loved being the one to hold the rattles, too. She loved turning to find where he was holding the musical bells.

musical hide (6)

All in all, this was great musical fun for a simple afternoon at home.

musical hide (4)