Floating Scarves

Floating Scarf (2).JPG

This cute game is a new way to engage your baby with different fabrics and textures; it’s a step up from the dangling scarf game Veronika and I played at one month old. Now she’s a big two months old, and enjoyed this new version!

Talking to your baby, hold thin scarves a little above him or her, and let float gently to the ground. After the first few times, Veronika was looking up in anticipation.

floating scarf (1)

When the scarves landed, I quickly took them away from her face, but let her feel the fabric on hands and cheeks.

We varied the game by using feather boas…

floating scarf (3)

…and then feathers from the craft store.

floating scarf (4)

These last were super fun and tickly.

floating scarf (5)



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